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Water and street projects on to-do list

Staff writer

Additions and touch-ups to streets as well as work on water and sewer systems are on a list of future projects proposed by public works superintendent Marty Fredrickson.

Fredrickson on Monday presented city council members a list of proposed projects, one to be undertaken in 2018 and the rest with no particular timeline.

“This would be an ongoing, working document,” Fredrickson said.

The sole item with a specific date is water main replacements on the south hill, identified in 2016 as needed, to be done in 2018.

The initial engineering estimate for replacement of those water mains is $2 million, Fredrickson said.

Wastewater improvements, for which Fredrickson lists no work dates, include repair of sewer lines identified in 2016, repair of aerators, and installation of new riprap on pond banks.

Frederickson also wants to improve storm sewers on Washington St. from Walnut St. to 1st St.; 1st street from Miller St. to Washington St.; 3rd St. and Welch St. to the old river channel to the west; North St. and N. 3rd St.; and install storm sewer on North Cedar on the east side from Hudson St. to Kellison St.

Street improvements on Fredrickson’s list include installation of curb, gutter, and construction of a concrete street on Kellison St. from Freeborn St. to Eisenhower St.; installation of a roadway and creek crossing on Maple St. from Fairway Dr. to South Coble St. and a roadway and creek crossing on Maple St. from South Lincoln St. to South 4th St.; installation of curb, gutter and concrete street on the 900 and 1000 blocks of Highland St.; and installation of curb, gutter and concrete street at 700 S. Coble.

“Kellison is the only dirt road still in the city,” city administrator Roger Holter said. “He’s tried putting millings from other projects there. It’s used as a cut-through to get to the ball field.”

Kellison St. also is pivotal in plans for development of the industrial park.

“Eventually it will be the passage from phase 2 to phase 3 in the development of the industrial park,” Holter said. “That initial plan was developed in 2012.”

Fredrickson said a concrete roadway on Maple between Fairway Dr. and South Coble St. would provide secondary access because the area is prone to flooding after heavy rain.

“It would provide a safer emergency route,” Fredrickson said.

He wants to build a concrete roadway on Maple from South Lincoln St. to South 4th St. with a creek crossing at Sugar Mill dam.

“We’ve got electrical lines that go across that area,” Fredrickson said. “The purpose of that would be utility maintenance from hill to valley.”

Fredrickson said the creek crossing would be either box culverts or a bridge.

“I think it would probably go right where the dam is,” he said.

Other projects on Fredrickson’s list include sealing of all asphalt streets; removal and replacement of concrete street at Jex Addition; and installation of curb and gutter on Main St. in front of Marion Marble and Granite.

Fredrickson said curb and gutter had been installed on only one side of Main in front of the business, and the result has been drainage problems.

Last modified Nov. 23, 2016