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But we still can take pride

Lest Mayor Olson be tempted to slap this writer with a sudsy sponge, it’s probably a good idea to congratulate her and her often unappreciated colleagues on the City Council for the new truck parking ordinance they approved Monday.

If enforced aggressively, as all laws governing city betterment should be, it will eliminate many of the problems mentioned on this page a few weeks ago.

The ordinance, published in this week’s Classified section, requires that every residential neighbor within 100 feet of a lot’s boundary consent to any plan to park a big rig on that lot. It also limits parking to a single rig per lot and bans all such parking within 50 feet of Main Street and N. Cedar St., even if neighbors consent.

Now all the city has to do is enforce the ordinance and not authorize anyone to enter into side agreements that always seem to end up with courts invalidating the best intentions of city rules.

Next up may also be for the city to begin enforcing its sign ordinance, which requires permits in advance for most signs and strictly limits how and where signs may be used.

A photo tour like our recent tour of truck parking would undoubtedly uncover violations. Just as the city is cracking down on dogs running at large, it’s time to crack down on illegal signs, as well.

As a letter writer this week alludes, taking pride in our community is a one-step-at-a-time process. Truck parking and signs may not be as sexy as all-out downtown beautification, but every step in the right direction is a step worth taking.


Last modified June 27, 2012