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Weekend sees spate of domestic disputes

Sheriff’s deputies, Marion and Hillsboro police, and Marion Reservoir officers dealt with a spate of domestic-violence related calls late Saturday and early Sunday.

The first call came at 10:18 p.m. Saturday. Tampa ambulance briefly was asked to stand by near 290th and Old Mill Rds. after dispatch reported that a told a couple’s adult son, possibly coming down from a drug high, had become combative. Five minutes later the ambulance call was canceled after an officer arrived at the scene, discovered there was a warrant for the son’s arrest, and took him into custody.

Brandon L. Klenda, 33, Lincolnville, was jailed Saturday after his probation was revoked. He is being held in lieu of $5,000 surety bond. It’s the third time he has been jailed in a year and a half, the previous jailings were on court orders and motions to revoke probation.

Ten minutes later, Tampa ambulance again was asked to stand by, this time in the 100 block of B St. in Ramona, after a caller told dispatchers a man was hitting a woman and she was screaming for help.

Unable to verify the report, a deputy canceled the call for the ambulance.

At 11:15 p.m., unexplained screaming was heard from a fire department radio registered to Hillsboro firefighter Bryce A. Naerebout. Public safety officers were called to a third report of a domestic disturbance.

Dispatchers received a call reporting a father and his adult son exchanged blows and fired shots at each other.

Deputies and a Marion officer who had started toward Ramona on the previous call were sent to the scene. Officers from Hillsboro and the sheriff’s reservoir patrol joined them.

Marion ambulance was sent to stand by at Pawnee and 220th Rds.

Police had begun searching for the son, who allegedly had driven west toward Hillsboro with a 9 mm handgun, when a voice transmitted on the firefighter’s radio plaintively requested an ambulance and reported that there had been a domestic battery.

A deputy informed dispatchers not to respond to the messages, then switched his radio to the fire talk group and talked directly with the caller, who said he was unarmed and with his fiancé in a truck at 230th and Old Mill Rds., half a mile west of where the incident had occurred.

The deputy instructed him and his fiancé to come out of the truck, put their hands up, and step away from the pickup.

The ambulance was summoned, but the person checked declined to be taken to a hospital.

Naerebout, 21, was arrested Sunday on suspicion of domestic violence.

He was released three and a half hours later on $1,500 surety bond.

Naerebout was previously jailed Jan. 26 on suspicion of speeding and underage purchase of alcohol.

Hillsboro fire chief Ben Stekettee said he plans to talk to Naerebout before deciding if the incident will have any effect on his employment as a firefighter.

“I haven’t heard Bryce’s side of the story yet,” Stekettee said. “I’m going to talk to him and find out more about what happened. He’s a valuable asset to our fire department and I don’t want to make a snap judgment and lose him. On the other hand we have rules and if he misused his radio we have rules against that.”

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