Wiens family celebrates Thanksgiving

The family of Mary Ann Wiens gathered for a Thanksgiving feast Saturday at the Hilltop Manor community center.

Present were Mary Ann Wiens, Diann Cline, Smolan; Gerald and Jan Wiens; Jennifer Schneider and Emily, Jack, and Ben; Dustin, Peggy, Carter, and Maura Wiens, Manhattan; Stan and Denise Hett, Wichita; Jim Crofoot; Don and Janice Hodson; Paul Hodson, Kansas City, Mo.; Patrick Hodson, Manhattan; Jeff, Erica, and Noah Richmond; Lindsey Richmond and Braylee Grosse; Kevin, Loraine, Kyle, and Macy McGahee, Shawnee; Jerry, Loreen, and Eli Hett; Herb and Pat Bartel, Hillsboro; and guests Matt Fine and Jake Baldwin.

After the Thanksgiving feast, the horseradish was dug for the Christmas ham, and Mary Ann’s house was decorated for Christmas.