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Woman celebrates 105 years

When Edna Marie Mason was interviewed 17 years ago, she lived on Roosevelt St. in Marion.

She later moved to Marion Assisted Living until a hip problem resulted in her move to Parkside Homes in Hillsboro. She celebrated her 105th birthday Friday.

Marie said she doesn’t know why she has lived so long.

“I never tried,” she said. “I just lived. I don’t know many people anymore. Most of them are gone.”

Life has taken its toll. She can’t hear well, has lost sight in one eye, and has arthritic hands.

“I used to like to read the newspaper and watch TV,” she said. “I can’t do that anymore.” Nevertheless, she still pushes her wheelchair up and down the hall at Parkside for exercise.

“Marion has always been my hometown,” she said. Mason appreciates visits from her pastor from Marion Christian Church. “His birthday is the same day as mine,” she said. “He celebrated with me Friday.”

Last modified July 24, 2019