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Woman comes home to disturbing surprise

Staff writer

When a 55-year-old woman recently discovered she was missing $900 worth of property from her Hillsboro house, it was likely the least of her worries.

Renee Livingston, who declined to be interviewed for this story, also discovered animal dung and 50 ominous love notes that might be clues in a case that is currently under investigation by Hillsboro Police.

Livingston reported the Friday break-in when she returned to 220 N. Livingston St. from Branson West, Missouri, after an extended absence, only to find all the windows and doors open. She told police the building was secure before she left March 7.

The house was for sale during the time of the incident, and police said there were no signs of forced entry. Inside, however, evidence of a burglary and vandalism was apparent.

Several chairs and a television were reported missing. Six holes also had been made in the bedroom ceiling. Livingston told police they appeared to have been punctured with a broom handle.

Chief Dan Kinning said part-time officer Tim Young found 50 little white sticky notes adhered to various places throughout the house.

Each note had a heart drawn on it accompanied by the words “I love you,” Kinning said. One was left in a pile of animal feces deposited in the living room.

House owner Renee Livingston is working with police in identifying persons of interest.

Last modified April 2, 2015