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Write-ins wanted

Staff writer

In Lost Springs, only two people filed paperwork to serve on the city council. Problem is, no one is running for mayor and five seats are open on the city council.

In Lehigh, no one filed paperwork. Five city council positions are open in addition to the mayor.

“It happens,” said Joe Vinduska, the only person to file paperwork for one of three open city council positions in Lincolnville.

Vinduska has served on the Lincolnville city council for about 10 years, and in that time plenty of city council positions have become open only to have no one run for office.

That means a write-in candidate can win the seat in the April 7 general election.

“Somebody’s got to do it,” Vinduska said. “I enjoy it.”

Marion County Clerk Tina Spencer said some write-in candidates have won with just one vote. Unfortunately, sometimes the winning write-in candidate refuses to serve. If that happens, or if there aren’t enough write-in candidates to fill the open positions, then the city council will have to appoint someone to fill the position, Spencer said.

Burns City Clerk Mike Hammann said only one person running for three open positions isn’t too bad.

“What if we had six (positions) up?” Hammann quipped, adding that word of mouth will produce the write-in candidates, hopefully.

“We’ll ask around to see if anyone wants to do it,” Hammann said.

Officials will be asking around in Tampa, too, where only one person filed paperwork for two open city council positions and no one is running for mayor. In Burns, only one person filed paperwork to serve on the city council, though two city council positions are open, and so is the mayor’s job.

Those who have filed paperwork recommend others consider serving their communities.

“It’s not high-pressure politics,” Vinduska said.

Last modified Feb. 12, 2015