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Writer not charmed by scaly visitor

Staff writer

Hillsboro Star Journal correspondent Arlene Pankratz reports weekly on visitors to the Hillsboro area, however, she was not expecting a certain visitor to show up in her home Friday.

When Pankratz walked into her home after returning from the beauty parlor, she saw a large black snake on the floor.

“I came up through the garage door into the house and here laid this snake,” Pankratz said, “so I called my neighbors. They were here within five minutes.”

Alvin and Arlene Hett used rakes and a container to get the snake outside, where its head was chopped off.

Alvin said the snake was slow, which helped in the capture.

“This one was in the open and wasn’t moving too fast,” Alvin said. “If it would have gotten under a piece of furniture or something, then it would have been harder to get.”

Where the snake came from remains a mystery.

“How it got there, I don’t know,” Alvin said. “She just said to hurry and get over there so we could get it out.”

Pankratz is simply thankful it is gone.

“Some thought maybe it came up the drain but there’s no way it could come up the drain,” Pankratz said. “I guess we’ll never know how it got in here.”

Last modified Aug. 25, 2016