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Yellow water only looks bad, city says

But city flushes pipes anyway

Staff writer

Two weeks ago some Marion residents may noticed city crews draining water lines through flush out city water lines. The reason behind the flushing was a resident complaining of yellow water coming from his city lines.

“In many parts of the city, the 6-inch water lines are not used enough, allowing unused water to build up,” interim city administrator Roger Holter said. “The ½-inch and ¾-inch piping going into the houses allow for way more capacity verses usage. The water is not stagnant and it poses no health risk, but it’s unsightly.”

Flushing the system usually gets rid of the yellow water, but one resident continued to have yellow water from his pipes.

“We traced all the lines on the city side and have determined it was not on the city supply side, but most likely in his home,” Holter said. “But yellow water does occur due to city lines.”

Holter said residents who have yellow water can report it to the city office to have their pipes flushed out.

Last modified Nov. 21, 2013