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Ziggy zags along in his own wienermobile

Staff writer

After excruciating pain robbed Ziggy the dachshund of mobility, he’s mobile again with help from a doggie wheelchair.

Ziggy’s owner, Sandra Swanson, said the news was devastating when she took Ziggy to a veterinarian after her spry 6-year-old dog suddenly was unable to move about.

“I was having to pick him up when I took him for a walk,” Swanson said.

She could tell her Ziggy was in much pain.

The problem turned out to be a dislocated disc in his back.

People she knew recommended having Ziggy put down, but Swanson could not do it. At 6, he simply had too much life ahead of him.

She searched online for devices to assist Ziggy.

When she got Ziggy’s wheelchair, it was in pieces to be put together.

She went to a neighbor across the street who is handy with tools and building things.

“I said, this is my last chance,” Swanson said. “You’re the only one I can think of that would be mechanically inclined enough to do this.”

“I’ll see what I can do under one condition,” he answered, “that I see you out walking him.”

Now, Ziggy gets to play in the yard, walk the neighborhood, and go other places. One recent day, he even accompanied Swanson to a grocery store.

“It works pretty well until he tries to play Underdog,” Swanson said.

Running off the stoop just isn’t a good idea. Swanson has to pick him up when that happens.

When ground is uneven, the wheelchair has fallen over.

Swanson said she was considering putting another wheelchair strap to run underneath Ziggy’s chest. That might make using the device a bit more comfortable for him.

Last modified May 5, 2022