County approves Sunday alcohol, beer sales

Retail sales of alcohol on Sundays will be allowed in Marion County.

Marion County Commission approved a resolution Monday that will allow retail sales of liquor and cereal malt beverage or 3.2 beer on Sunday.

Warren Kreutziger, owner of Canada Bait & Tackle, previously had requested the commission consider the option which would enable him to sell beer on Sundays with his cereal malt beverage license.

The commission asked for public comment from residents at the previous meeting and did receive telephone calls in favor and against the issue. The commission also acknowledged a letter from a resident against Sunday alcohol sales.

The final decision was based on allowing businesses to operate within the law.

Commissioner Randy Dallke said laws can be contradictory.

"You can have a drink with food on Sundays," Dallke said. "If one law says it's OK to have a drink on Sundays, I don't know how I can tell a man in business he can't do it."

Commissioner Dan Holub agreed with Dallke. He said he had received calls from both sides of the issue.

"Countywide voters approved liquor by the drink (in the previous election)," Holub said. "It's not a big issue to buy alcohol on Saturdays but people will drive to McPherson or Chase counties to buy. If people don't agree, they don't have to buy. It's a legal business and I don't intend to interfere."

Prior to the passing of the resolution, public comment was heard.

Marion County resident Bob Maxwell said Sunday alcohol sales are out of line.

"People have plenty of time before and after Sunday," Maxwell said. "I would hate to see Sunday encroached upon by that activity."

Kreutziger said it would be "silly" for the commission to turn down tax revenue.

"The county is looking for outside tax dollars at no expense to the county," he said. He added that since the topic has been discussed, he has heard only one negative comment; all others have been in favor of Sunday beer sales.

Rocky Hett of Marion, said he was in favor of Sunday sales and said previously the county had turned down ways to generate income.

"Why go to Chase County when people can buy beer here?" asked Hett.

At the present time, Canada Bait & Tackle is the only business in the county selling alcohol. All other retail liquor stores and businesses that sell beer are located within city limits.

At a previous commission meeting, the commission discussed approving the retail sale of liquor on Sundays to allow for the potential of new businesses.

The resolution passed 3-0 and will go in affect after Nov. 15 per state statute.