Lost Springs: Anniversaries, birthdays, reunions top news for week


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My daughter-in-law, Laura of Rose Hill called Friday evening after she got home from work. Laura is an electrician. She said she wired from a high line into a home and also wired another home in Wichita. She wanted to tell me her mother, Ann Drebot, Omaha, Neb., had breast surgery and is doing OK. She also said Clark and his crew were completing the construction of a restaurant this weekend.

Junior and Jeanetta Hanschu went to North Central Kansas Co-op of Hope Tuesday for an after harvest picnic at the park.

Gilbert Smith visited Saturday with Larry Rudolph.

Alex and Jean Stuchlik drove to Wilson Sunday where they took in the Wilson Czech Festival. Alex played his accordion with five other bands.

My cousin, Sylvia Echroat, Mission, Texas, called me Saturday afternoon. She wanted to know if I went to the Pospisil-Bezdek family reunion July 8 to 10 at Lewistown, Mont. My sister, Victoria Zell, Shelby, Mont., informed me 129 attended the reunion. The next reunion will be in Washington. Cousin Kenneth Leuthold, will be in charge. Sylvia said it was hot in Mission. She and her sister Leona Jones, who also lives in Mission are the daughters of the late Joe and Anna Pospisil who once lived in this community before moving to Ellsworth and then to Mission, Texas.

The Utech family reunion was held Saturday noon at Trinity Lutheran parish hall. There were 50 attending the potluck dinner and other festivities. Junior and Jeanetta Hanschu, Fred and Marguerite Utech, and Garland and Diana Utech of Amsterdam, Mo., were some who enjoyed the festivities.

Bob and Irma attended 10:30 Mass Sunday at St. John Catholic Church, Herington. After Mass they attended the baptism of Erin Matthew Stika, son of Michael and Angie Stika of Lincolnville. They joined other relatives for dinner at the home of Michael Stika. That afternoon Bob and Irma attended Mass at Pilsen Catholic church. Bishop Michael Jackels installed Father Hien Nguyen and blessed the new altars. Potluck supper was held in the basement.

Hallie Novak brought me some sweet corn. She said John Ball who lives near Topeka, brings sweet corn each year to Bob and Betty Bevan, Bill and Dollye Novak, and to her and Bob. The ears were long with white and yellow kernels, and are yummy.

Micky Black of Herington visited Sunday afternoon with his uncle Larry Rudolph. Micky is working for a construction company that is doing some concrete work at Kansas State University in Manhattan.

Allen Schick of Herington had an appendectomy a week ago. He works for Mike and Karen Walsh.

Jeff and Jennifer Braden of Windom hosted a barbecue brisket supper Saturday evening in honor of their son, Joshua's third birthday. Guests were great-grandparents, Fred and Marguerite Utech; grandparents, Gary and Kathy Braden of Wichita and Junior and Jeanetta Hanschu; Jayson and Jan Hanschu, Jakob, Jorge, and Jaxxon of Hillsboro; Neil and Jolene Albrecht, Kallie and Morgan of Salina; and Garland and Dianne Utech of Amsterdam, Mo. Joshua blew out the candles of his birthday cake. Cake and ice cream were served, then Joshua open his gifts. Others who attended were neighbors and friends.

James Weber is swathing my alfalfa this morning. He just celebrated his 15th birthday. He also will bale it.

Mervin and Leona Deines attended a summer party Friday evening at the home of Clay and Candice Tajchman. Everyone brought snacks. The evening was spent going through the Tajchman home, eating, and visiting. Clay and Candice moved into the home a couple months ago.

My son, Lowell Strecker of San Antonio, Texas, called Sunday evening. He said his wife Carla, her sister Denise, and their children returned late Saturday night. They had been in Milwaukee, Wis., attending a family reunion. Carla received a call Sunday afternoon from her brother who lives in Milwaukee. He told her his daughter died in a car accident. His son-in-law, Vincent Bleckley is in Iraq.

Tom Reznicek of Lawrence visited Saturday afternoon with Bob and Irma Reznicek. In the evening all of them went to Herington Community Building to attend the 50th wedding anniversary celebration of Ralph and Betty Stroda of Herington and Harold and Orina Schump of Dallas. Ralph Stroda and Orina Schump are sister and brother. Irma, Bob, and Tom went to the buffet, reception, and dance.