Amber Moore Marion I pray for the safety of our residents you will follow the recommendation of the CDC and mandate face masks. You can go into any store in this town and no one is wearing a mask. Who is going to take care of all these people when they get sick. Our healthcare system is already burdened and the influx is just starting here.
Anonymous  Marion County Ours schools are working hard to try to keep our kids safe and in school. Please put the health and safety of our county residents above politics and mandate a mask order. Studies have shown masks work.
Anonymous  Marion To protect my friends and family in the community. DO THE RIGHT THING!!
Anonymous Marion I will not shop in Marion anymore where one clerk in the while store was the only one wearing a mask.
Bill Smithhart Marion Personal responsibility seems to be failing to stop the community spread of this virus. Our government leaders need to act, even if it means you may not be re-elected.
Bob & Priscilla Unruh Durham It is time for county leadership to step up and mandate mask requirements.
Bob and JoAnn Good Rural Marion Masks save lives!!!
Brad Wildin Marion 
Cathy Mashburn Marion I would like to shop locally, but will not as long as Marion Co & the people out & about do not wear masks & take this seriously. I will shop in other counties that do you have a mask mandate.
Cheryl Brandt Hillsboro  
Cheryl Christian Hillsboro It is time county commissioners to step up and make a difference for the health of our county. Not making a comment on a letter urging for mask mandate at the last meeting tells me it is a political vote thing and we can see just how well this has played out all over the country.
Cheryl Kristek.  Lincolnville We have to slow the spread down .Let's show Kansas Marion County can do this
Cindy Vinduska Marion Should have been done a long time ago.
Courtney Brazil Hillsboro 
Darcie Mashburn Marion and Hillsboro KS It would be nice to be able to shop locally again but since people aren't taking this seriously and aren't wearing masks in stores I will not shop locally till there is a mask mandated. I am a daycare teacher and do not want to get my class sick and if I get it(which I don't want!) my work will have to close for a time, so please take actions to make masks a requirement. I want to start shopping locally again but since people don't wear masks I won't...
Darla Spencer  Florence 
Darvin Markley Marion We are too close to having a rollout for a vaccine to lose control of the Covid-19 virus now.
Dave spechtenhauser Peabody 
Diana M Landsverk Marion Long overdue
Dianne  Hillsboro  
Don Mashburn county resident This is more important than taxes, roads, wind farms.
Dustin Hett Marion 
Eileen Sieger Rural Marion Please do the right thing for our county and put in a mask mandate. We are getting sick and dying.
Elora Robinson Marion All other areas I have been in, such as Shawnee, Manhattan and Emporia, all clerks and customers are wearing masks! Such an easy mandate to follow!
Eric Meyer Marion 
Erin Hein Marion County 
Gary Lewis Marion Agree but do not ask law enforcement to badger people.They have enough to do to protect everyone. People with common sense will follow the directions. But county officials must continue to communicate and update the public.
Gayle Scriven Florence I am reluctant to patronize any business that does not require masks, nor go to any meeting where participants do not wear a mask.
Heather Miles Peabody This should have been LONG AGO!
Hunter Spencer Florence 
Jandee Moore Marion 
Jane Johnson Marion 
Janet Bielefeld southern Dickinson County A mask mandate and enforcement are needed to keep everyone safe.
Janet Killough Marion Let's work together and protect our community and each other. Wearing a mask is such s simple act of concern and compassion for all of those who need our protection.
Janice Fanter Marion 
Jeannie Wildin Marion I respectfully ask you to mandate masks. I'm very concerned about the rising number of cases of Covid-19 and the strain that our healthcare system is experiencing. It's time to act!!!
Jeff Goering Marion Wear your damned mask!
Jennifer Janes Hillsboro 
Jo Alexander Marion 
Judy Houdyshell Lincolnville I would actually start shopping in Marion again if everyone were required to mask and social distance. It seems you are more worried about politics and those that think their rights are being trampled on instead of protecting the public. Some of those will threaten that they will take their business elsewhere, but those of us that do care about everyone's well being, and are currently shopping elsewhere, will take their place.
Kathy Silhan Marion (Pilsen) Make masks mandatory now, with consequences for those who refuse to comply. Time for commissioners to take the advice of professionals.
KayLeah Kukuk Marion 
Ken Lundgren Marion 
Kimberly Teesdale Marion Do what is right!
Larry Lange marion 
Larry Scriven Florence I agree that Commissioners have a duty to enact a mask ordinance and require it to be enforced. They should also provide the necessary funds to do so.
Laura Legg Hillsboro Please!
Lynn Rosenfelt  Montville, New Jersey  Please keep my Marion County friends safe!!
M. Sue Gutsch Marion Better late than never.
Marvin Peterson Marion I spent my career in Marion County protecting people and Natural Resources in a Law Enforcement capacity. I chose to retire and remain in Marion County. It's time the Marion County Commission does their part to protect its citizens and enact a mask mandate. Follow the proven science.
Matt Spencer Florence  
Michele Berens Tampa I implore the commissioners to do what is best for our communities and residents. A mask mandate is needed for the safety of everyone. It has been proven that mask wearing is effective in helping prevent the spread of Covid-19.
Mindy Kepfield Marion, Kansas 
Misty Hett Marion 
Molly Wiebe Faber Hillsboro 
Name not provided  
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Name not provided  NO
Name not provided Florence since it's spreading yes it needs to be inforced. Since people don't have common sense anymore!!!
Name not provided Hillsboro I do not understand why we wouldn't have done this already. COVID-19 can be DEADLY! I've seen it first hand! Please, please put a mandate in place for all public gatherings to require masks, so that we can keep our businesses open!
Name not provided Hillsboro It isn't a personal choice about protecting yourself. Wearing a mask protects OTHERS.
Name not provided Marion Absolutely! Let's shut down every business in the county! Then nobody will have the income to pay bills and businesses won't have enough income to stay open. Just what we need, more empty buildings! I swear some of y'all have the IQ of a lightly toasted piece of bread.
Name not provided Marion If I can teach in a classroom full of young students that are wearing a mask and all the adults in our schools are wearing masks - you can too! Put politics aside and use common sense. Require mask wearing in public places and let's work together. Set an example for others to follow.
Norma Kline Marion It's past time for our commissioners to step up and do the right thing by passing a mask mandate.
Paula Harris Peabody Wearing a mask is the least we can do to help. I am diabetic, I work in a school and I wear a mask to protect you... Have the common courtesy of wearing one to protect me.
Pauline Holub Marion something NEEDS to be done already inasmuchas this disease is getting out of control. Why can't the county commissioners admit this since it would only take only one policy to seek this reduction and everyone's cooperation.
Peggy Blackman Marion Thank you
Ray Bielefeld southern Dickinson County 
Rev Clark M Davis Tampa We have had active cases in our congregation and my other congregation in Ramona was forced to self-quarantine after multiple exposures. To be indifferent to the lives and needs of others is not only criminal it is an offense to God. Please mandate masks or the lives of everyone may be at risk.
Robert and LaDonna Klein Durham Please pass a mask mandate commissioners. And to those of you that have been keeping others safe I THANK YOU.
Roger D Hudlin Marion 
Ronald D. Herbel Marion, Kansas Help stop this virus now.
Roy Houdyshell Lincolnville 
Ruth C. Herbel Marion, Kansas  Step up and help stop this virus.
Ruth Lange marion 
Sara Guettel Marion Please save the county, save businesses, and save us.
Scott Brazil Hillsboro 
Sharon L Williams Marion Co lake 
Shirley Jo Hett Marion 
Sue Markley Marion 
Susan Applegate Marion 
Tammy Wintermote Hillsboro We need to keep ourselves and others safe. Wearing face masks is NOT too much to ask!
Tena Lundgren Marion 
Tenata Mcginley Hillsborough 
Teri Adkins Marion  Please due what is needed to stop this Pandamic
Terry Vinduska  Marion  
Tina Marion 
Traci Waner RN Marion Our hospitals are becoming overwhelmed. Large hospitals are full. Small hospitals have no place to transfer Covid patients and not enough resources to care for patients that need icu beds!
Tracy Boldt Hillsboro  Our school is working so hard to keep our kids safe & in school. The county could do a better job of helping us.
Tracy Khounsavanh Killough Topeka Take care of yourselves and each other! I want my family safe.
Wendy Hett Marion