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nov. 15, 1878

The Record completes its seventh year to-day. The paper is really more than eight years old, but not under its present name. We are thankful for the public confidence and favor that have enabled us to place our paper upon its present basis and shall endeavor to merit a continuance of public approval.

Charlie Grimes is clerking for Steiner and seems handy behind the counter. He and Lincoln Hannaford are nice clerks.

One beauty of the railroad project is that one of the express conditions is that laborers on the road are to be taken from the taxpayers along the line. No outsiders need apply. Every man willing to work will have the chance to work out his tax and more. It will be a good winter’s job.

Mr. Scully, a non-resident who owns 36,000 acres of land in Risley and Centre townships, favors the railroad. Young Mr. Scully told us so Tuesday. This gentlemen know the value of railroads.

A young man was robbed in Peabody one night last week of $5. He had $17 more on his person, but the highwayman was a novice at the business and only got the five.

Any many found guilty of having $22 at one time ought to be robbed. We’d like to see somebody rob us of a sum larger than a quarter anytime.

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