• Last modified 111 days ago (April 4, 2024)


Author releases new book

Marion author Thane Schwartz has released his sixth book, “Paper Wolves.”

Set in the Rocky Mountains, where Schwartz spent many years of his life, the book tells the story of a once-famous news anchor who works as a janitor at a casino in a small mountain town.

He finds a briefcase filled with secret Department of Defense files that reveal information about a secret weapon program intended to kill Palestinians. The system, located underground near Hillsborough in Merrion County, is powered by wind turbines and uses a satellite delivery system.

Schwartz’s previous books include “The Adventures of Boo Boo and Little Mouse: Lessons in Courage,” “Soul Soup for Chickens: This Ain’t Chicken Soup,” “The Things I Found in My Cedar Chest,” “The Perch at Dalton Pond: A Novel about Dementia, Family, Power and Forgiveness,” and “The Lord of the Lies.”

Last modified April 4, 2024