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These deeds were reported last week as recorded by the register of deeds. Property addresses come from appraisal records. Agricultural property descriptions use common road references derived from appraisal records.

City of Hillsboro to Parkside Homes Inc., quitclaim deed to part of 20.69 acres east of Indigo Rd. between 180th and 190th Rds.

In separate transactions, Laura L. Swift, Cynthia Ann Sticklin, Robert B. and Gloria I. Jones, trustees, trustee deed to Donald V. Jones, then Donald V. Jones, quitclaim deed to himself, and finally Donald V. Jones to Donald V. Jones, trustee of Donald V. Jones Revocable Trust, 156.23 acres northwest of Nighthawk and 340th Rds.

Ricky J. and Kathleen M. Miller to Trent J. and Sharla M. Miller, transfer-on-death warranty deed to 989.120th Rd. along with 9.89 acres.

Solomon T. Langley Jr. and Deborah R. Langley to themselves as trustees, trustee deed to a lot east of Washington St., between A St. and Grand Ave., Hillsboro.

Brian D. Klein to Denise L. Klein, now know as Denise L. Bina, quitclaim deed to 219 Adams St., Lincolnville.

Kristien Graber to Vonley Vahsholtz, 209 N. Buller St., Goessel.

Steve and Kelma Blackwell to Michael Tennant II, quitclaim deed to 123 N. Walnut St., Peabody.

Michael and Chelsea Darrow to Bruce M. and Belinda H. Skiles, 412 E. Main St., Marion.

Gary Grentz to Gary and Eva R. Grentz, 1724 190th Rd. along with 53.93 acres.

In separate transactions, City of Hillsboro and Parkside Homes Inc. to Brent Alan and Brenda Lynette Barkman, part of 20.69 acres east of Indigo between 180th and 190th Rds.

Dale and Andrea Klenda to Timothy and Amanda Baxa, 38.33 acres southeast of 290th and Quail Creek Rds.

A.J. and Kristen Simonetta, and Charles J. and Stephanie Baird to JA Land Company LLC, 158.83 acres northwest of Chisholm Trail and 280th Rds. and 80.43 acres south of 330th Rd. between Diamond and Eagle Rds.

Jane L. and Thomas R. Washburn to themselves as trustees, 78 acres south of US-50 between Mustang and Limestone Rds.

Leslie L. Lalouette, trustee, to him or herself, 79.13 acres north of US-50 between Yarrow and Bluestem Rds., 1259 Yarrow Rd. along with 311.71 acres, 2820 US-50 along with 75.71 acres, 2882 US-50 along with 132.52 acres and 204.34 acres northeast of Bluestem and 110th Rds.

Duane Eugene and Karen Darlene Carlson to themselves, 158.88 acres northwest of 280th and Xavier Rds.

Last modified May 18, 2023