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These deeds were reported last week as recorded by the register of deeds. Property addresses come from appraisal records. Agricultural property descriptions use common road references derived from appraisal records.

Rita Tomlinson and Karen and Donald Wedd to Rita Tomlinson, quitclaim deed to 313 N. 2nd St. and 312 N. 1st St., Marion.

Rita Tomlinson to Karen Wedd, transfer-on-death warranty deed to 313 N. 2nd St. and 312 N. 1st St., Marion.

Andrew A. and Staci L. Hansen to Adam J. Brewster, 202 E. Santa Fe St., Marion.

Dalene Tharp, trustee, to Blair K. and Nancy C. Tharp, trustees, trustee deed to 119.91 acres northwest of 160th and Alfalfa Rds.

Cynthia K. Maynard to Jamie Hunt, 515 W. Cleveland St., Marion.

Constantia Gauthier to Cameron Gottwald, 302 W. Marion St., Lehigh.

Banman Family LLC to Mickey D. and Maureen D. Petrocci, 677 120th Rd. along with 77.73 acres.

Delmer R. and Donna Fink to Kevin J. and Kimberly Renee Murphy, 505 N. Coble St., Marion.

Nicholas R. and Stephanie L. Kraus to themselves as trustees, 151.74 acres southeast of 220th and Xavier Rds., 619.5 acres south of 250th Rd. between US-56/77 and Xavier Rd., and 313.92 acres east of Wagonwheel Rd. between 210th and 220th Rds.

Miguel Angel Diaz Galvan and Betzi Diaz to Jesus Rodiquez Chavez, quitclaim deed to 207 S. Olive St., Peabody.

Allen E. Suderman to Allen E. and Verlyn L. Suderman, 2.48 acres south of 150th Rd. between Indigo and Jade Rds.

Maria E. Cruz and Maria T. and Jessie Delgado to Jacob Lee Reed, quitclaim deed to 201 Kansas St., Lincolnville.

Kyle D. and Christine A. Cederberg to Kyle and Christine Cederberg Family Trust, transfer-on-death warranty deed to 1006 Grandview Ct., Hillsboro.

Thayne W. Meier to TMR Properties LLC, 209 N. Jefferson St., 216 N. Lincoln St., 112 S. Birch St., 107 N. Cedar St., 406 S. Birch St., 407 S. Ash St., 306 E. 2nd St., 111 S. Date St. 208 S. Madison St., 310 S. Ash St., and 412 W. Grand Ave., Hillsboro; 421 S. Roosevelt St. and 223 and 209 N. Roosevelt St., Marion; and 207 and 302 E. Maria St., Lehigh.

Jared Arthur Smith and Chelsea Dawn Mackey to Jared Arthur Smith, 4 Pioneer Ct., Marion County Park and Lake.

Dennis L. and Brenda J. Riggs to Jesse A., Ethan C., and Jordan L. Riggs, transfer-on-death warranty deed to 590 Norwood St., Peabody.

Last modified April 18, 2024