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Free speech?

To the editor:

I am completely appalled by the comment or question by retired judge Mike Powers, soon to be mayor elect. He questioned Ruth Herbel and Eric Meyer, “Do we have to allow her to speak at the council meetings as she does not live in the city limits; she lives at the county lake?”

Umm, yes, it is an open meeting, and anyone can speak for three minutes.

I have lived at Marion County Lake for over 19 years. I have attended one county commission meeting and one planning and zoning meeting in these years. I am now feeling like a fixture at city council meetings. Trust me — not the way I want to spend every other Monday.

The one and only reason I am at council meetings is the fact that these clowns brought this circus to my door.

The head clown was former Police Chief Gideon Cody. The rest kept climbing out of the clown car.

You have interim chief Zach Hudlin, mayor David Mayfield, city administrator Brogan Jones, council member Zach Collett, sheriff Jeff Soyez and some of his clowns, and last but not least county attorney Joel Ensey.

These clowns were shot out of the cannon on a simple piece of paper that was obtained legally from a public website.

The head clown went off half cocked and did a half-assed investigation.

My name was used as if I was a major criminal to obtain affidavits to then get search warrants. Yes, one was for my home, but the judge would not sign off on it. Not one person can explain why.

So, yes, I will keep coming to meetings till all questions are answered or criminal charges are filed on the clown patrol.

You don’t bring a three-ring circus to my doorstep with a car full of clowns and not expect me to tear the big top down.

If you do not let me to speak at “your” meeting, I also will not be spending my money in your city limits nor supporting anything within your city limits.

Pam Maag
rural Marion

Last modified Nov. 9, 2023