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may 6, 1909

The county clerk’s office is getting quite a lot of over-ripe crow heads and eggs since the bounty went on. They also got a lot of wolves from old gray whiskered scalps to a mess of live ones that have not seen the light of day. But, oh the smell!

The cement sidewalk by the Methodist church has been completed.

Ed Freeland is putting down a cement walk on the east side of his place on Walnut Street.

Ordinance No 341, relating to automobiles and other motor vehicles, was passed by the council this week.

Section 1 of seven sections in Ordinance No. 341 says that it shall be unlawful for any person to drive, run, conduct or propel any automobile or other motor vehicle on any street or alley within the City of Marion Kansas, at a rate of speed exceeding ten miles per hour.

Section 2 says all vehicles shall come to a full stop whenever any horse or other animal driven or ridden on any street or alley is frightened at or is about to become frightened. The vehicle must remain still until such horse or animal has passed.

Last modified May 2, 2019