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These offense reports were released this past week by law enforcement agencies:


Multiple drug and driving charges

A scent of marijuana detected during investigation of a fender-bender at 9:25 a.m. April 1 on Main St. north of Grand Ave. led officer John Huebert to discover multiple illicit drugs and paraphernalia and arrest a 36-year-old Hillsboro woman on multiple charges.

Seized were 0.9 of a gram of cocaine (enough for more than 20 small doses), an ounce of marijuana (enough for more than 80 “joints”), a gram of mushrooms (enough for a light dose), two grams of THC vaping carts (enough for as many as four doses), three 37.5 milligram doses of phentermine (medicinally, an appetite suppressant), a 30 milligram dose of codeine, a grinder, paper straws, and rolling paper.

Sara Jane N. Miller was arrested on suspicion of possession of stimulants, depressants, hallucinogens, marijuana, THC, and drug paraphernalia in addition to driving under the influence of drugs and inattentive driving.

She was booked into Marion County Jail but released 23 hours later on her own recognizance, promising to pay $7,500 should she fail to appear for further court proceedings.

Huebert detected what he said was the scent of raw marijuana while investigating an accident in which Miller had rear-ended a car that had just started to move forward after backing out of a diagonal parking space.

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